Plus sizes have been deprived of one of humankind’s greatest gifts. Fashion.

plus size model in wrap crop top sitting on step near windows

Fashion is like a roller coaster.
It can have both high moments and low moments. But if the majority of the moments are low, it’s not going to be very memorable ride.

A great outfit lets you strut around with charisma, ooze sexiness, and exude an air of confidence.

Even though the only thing that has changed is what you’re wearing, you can completely transform into someone else. On a good day? The best version of you.

A bad outfit can do exactly the opposite. It can make you feel horrible, depressed, full of regret, and straight up boring. And let’s face it... Moving around in life in a boring outfit is... well, for a lack of better words, boring.  

There’s nothing wrong with boring, but a great outfit makes me feel like I’m the main character in the show called life; while a bad outfit makes me want to shrink into a small forgettable extra.

While I am not a plus size individual, I used to be quite the “husky” child. And I hated clothes. They never fit me right. It was never flattering. It was more of just a means to hide my self consciousness.

plus size model in mustard crop top wide leg pant set

For too long, plus sizes have been shunned to the corner reserved for forgettable people - in retail stores and in life.

When it comes to fashion “straight sizes” or sizes 0-12 get all the attention. There are only a handful of retailers plus sizes can choose from.

Did you know that the average American women is a size 16-18? That means the average American woman has been and is currently still being deprived of one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures.

Where is the fashion for sizes 14 and up? Why must “straight sizes” get all the pretty and fashionable things?

We at Buxom Couture want to make more fashion accessible to plus sizes, and we need your help.
Help us break the boundaries the fashion industry has limited plus sizes to.

plus size model in off shoulder tiered tulle maxi dresses

We understand that a curvy women's body is not just a scaled up version of the 0-12 counter parts. We make adjustments to our clothes after having them fitted on actual curvy fit models.

We understand that your body's size can fluctuate from time to time. So we try to source fabrications that allow for stretch.

We understand that plus sizes doesn't mean up to 3X. So we're actively trying to offer more items for 4X and 5X, but as it is a new endeavor for us, we need your support and your feedback. We don't have as much items in for the extended sizes yet, but only because we haven't found all the right customers yet.

Join us on our journey to create and design for curvy women. To show the fashion world that plus size silhouettes are amazing to design on.

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Hopefully you all will exend higher than

Amber Drownes March 19, 2020

Will you have Talls? That would be wonderful!

Jessie Hinkle September 25, 2018

I can’t wait till you guys are up and running

Lalani September 24, 2018


Kendra Jones-Norman September 23, 2018

Looking forward to shopping with you guys I’m a plus size girl and I’m happy to know that someone finally realized that big girls need love to we like to look nice to…. dress fashionably smell good look good so thank you for acknowledging the beauty of the bigger women

Tiffany September 09, 2018

I want to join the mailing list.

Felicia Pressley August 24, 2018

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